Thursday, 31 October 2019

Checklist For Deciding A Wardrobe Designer

Planning for a closet and bringing the same into actions are two different things. This task is best suited for a Wardrobe Designer London only. But before beginning with the hiring process, why not check out the vital points. Here are some potential grounds that will help you in making a sound decision. 

Set Your Style - It is the first thing that you should perform at first. Instead of rushing directly to the wardrobe designer, it is better to create your own style. It is not at all a tough nut to crack. Here all you need is to check your preferences and write down on a piece of paper. With this, you will get an idea, and at the same time, it would be easy to reach out to the designer with a brief. 

Hunt For Portfolios - It is an easy way to shortlist a Wardrobe Designer London. Begin with asking the portfolios, and based on your requirements, you can ask for your demands. Don't try to be too choosy; instead, you can share the word depending on your choices, and their past record. Do ask questions like experiences and niche, if any. 

Converse On Budget - Deciding the budget at the end of the project will not at all help you. This way, you might get overboard with the bill and have to compromise with your wardrobe plans. Ask for the quote, and do not hesitate concerning your budget idea. Also, asking about discounts, deals and offers must not make you feel bad at all. 

Ask Questions - You must prepare a sheet of questions before planning for a cup of coffee with a wardrobe designer. There should not be an end to the questions, so ask about cost, structure, qualifications, services, and so on. Stay open-minded for the answers too. 

Check Out The Referrals – If you are trying for a new and customized closet or are working for the first time with a wardrobe designer, then do validate the reviews and feedbacks of their existing customers. Here you can also ask the particular closet designer about their own referrals. 

Once you have decided about the design and the designer, then get on with the work immediately. Give consideration to the above-mentioned points too. We at Unum Design will serve you with the best Wardrobe Designer London for your work. So, reach us now at

Monday, 28 October 2019

Instructions That You Should Not Miss With Built In Or Walk In Wardrobes Designs

Statement your closet by giving it no options for glitches, but for this, you might have to work hard. Don't worry, here sharing some secrets which will help you in the dwelling with your idea of Built-in Or Walk-in Wardrobes Designs London. Get along with us on the boat and revive your closet now.

Inspiration With Added Tricks - There is nothing wrong with adopting inspirational ideas for your closet, but sometimes these designs create further problems. The problem that we are talking about here is the cleaning. Designs should be in equal proportional with the cleaning benefits. Opting for a design which is not giving enough space for cleaning and even the corners are out of reach. Thus, there is no point in finalizing such designs. Here you can take the help of an expert who will let you know all the related pros and cons.

Basket Designs - This Built-in Or Walk-in Wardrobes Designs London is creating a buzz all around as it is the best resolute in meeting the problems of organizing. The general concept for opting for a built-in closet is to beat the errors of overstuffing and organizing issues. Basket design will give space, and at the same time, there will be enough options and categorization for all your belongings, giving no rise to confusion at all.

Flank With Shoes - It might raise your eyebrows, but it is the latest trend that will amplify the look of your closet in the best manner. Try to add glory to your closet, especially the built-in one, with the help of the shoe gallery. There is nothing best than showcasing your shoes, and alongside it will protect them too. Also, the list of your favourite shoes will surely flank your closet decor and will be eye catchy too.

Enlarge Your Vanity - It is one of the most fascinating parts of your closet that you will not like to have any risk. Blemish the closet with a cool and refreshing vanity look by embracing it with wallpaper, jewellery, and other stuffs. This way, you can create a mesmerizing glimpse of your closet, and there is nothing that will make you regret in the latter days.

Your idea of Built-in Or Walk-in Wardrobes Designs London will never fail, if you have managed to follow all the instructions shared above. Why not, try them all, and for this, our team at Unum Designs will serve you with benefits. Reach us now at

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Still Thinking About Custom Wardrobes Features And Benefits ?

Have nowhere to put your clothing, accessories and other things, then you are in grave need of a closet. Stop thinking about cost, structure and other options, instead rely on the benefits. Yes, by choosing Custom Wardrobes London, you will be flooded with an extensive amount of benefits all under one roof.

Practical Option - Compared to any other option when it comes to storage, closets are considered as best. Not only this, if you are choosing for a closet which is not free-standing but is customised as per your designs, then the decision will surely help. It will aid you in adding some luxury spaces, and built-in storage which is hard to fix in an already designed closet. Also, if you are willing to add any feature for safety, or design purpose, then the doors are already open.

Protection Of Your Belongings - If you are concerned about your clothes, accessories and hard-earned belongings then Custom Wardrobes London will be right resolute. In this, you will get the extensive option in terms of safety and protection of all your stuffs related to its nature. Therefore, mark the safety issue at the first stage itself and let the concerned team aware of the same. Furthermore, you can also ask for a private locker or hidden sub closet as well.

No Cost You High - There is nothing that you need to worry in relation to the price. If you are having a thought that the customised closet will cost you high, then it is absurd. When compared with the standard closet, here you will get better pricing option along with a series of discounts, deals and offers too. So, give a chill pill to your thoughts and get excited about your budget savings.

Floor Spacing - Regular closets eat up the entire space available on space which results in cleaning problems, and even the overall look does not look fine. But this issue does not get along with the closets that are being customised. Also, here you will get an option for more stylish floor options and detailing which will enhance the look, and related problems will also get solved.

Invite the team for your new Custom Wardrobes London. If you are not aware of from where to ask for such services, then we at Unum Design are for your help. Give a thought and reach us now, we are only a ring away. Or you can visit us at

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Book Your Luxury Fitted Wardrobe With Panache

The designs of any wardrobe are equally important when compared with the features. If you are putting efforts only on any of the mentioned elements, then there are chances of making mistakes. Even your decision will go off-board as well, which will make you regret for long. So instead of making mistakes what not try something new and unusual with our Luxury Fitted Wardrobes.

We Are Here To Serve You With The Best Solutions For Your Wardrobes.

Match With Interiors - The closet should neither be big nor small; instead, it must be as per the requisites. Along with this effort must be made to bring the real-time features added to the cooperation with the theme interiors play an important role in making the closet beautiful and constructive both at the same time. On looking any of the features along is not going to serve the perspective behind.

Don’t Miss On The Colors - Colors, texture or in simple words, any decision that needs to be made concerning the Luxury Fitted Wardrobes design and usability should be under the guidance of an expert. It will give your closet a vibrant and new look. Also, hiring and expert wardrobe designer will not at all affect you in terms of money. Today there are n numbers of designers working on this picture with affordable service charges.

Work On The Storage Solutions - Storage solutions will be a primary concern as it is the main motive behind designing an all new closet. To meet the ends of the closet and to fulfill the ideology, one should look after certain things like what is the adequate need and will the design be able to cater to additional storage. With these two features predetermined, you will have your answers set, and within no time, the closet will be at your service. So don’t spend time wandering over the net for designs and storage solutions. Other than that, have a talk with an expert only.

Consider Pricing Features - Coming over the price, here you will get a chance to match up with competitive pricing, allow with series of discounts and deals to help you further. All you need to do is perform your homework on time for better results.

Stop straining yourself on the subject of Luxury Fitted Wardrobes and connect with us at Unum designs. We will serve you with incredible design options within your budget. Talk to us at

Monday, 14 October 2019

Don’t Want To Invest Twice In The Same Closet ?

Making a closet on your own will give rise to mistakes and some other problems. Also, if it is the first time, then things might go off the border too. So, instead of roaring off the floor, it is recommended to opt for a Built In Wardrobe London from a trusted closet designer. Also, there are mistakes that need to be avoided before, as well.

·         Problems that most of the customers go through with the designing of the closet are when they opt for old styled or traditional designs. If you are also doing the same, then there are high chances that you are going to regret it in the upcoming days. First of all, you will get bored with the design of the closet, and along with this, after a certain point of time; the closet will also not be able to bend with the theme of the interiors as well. Therefore, it is strictly advised to walk as per the latest trends. It will benefit you in flattering the designs among Friends and family.

·         The wall space is something that every custom tends to forget, and in the next subsequent days, it comes out as a waste space. Don’t make such mistakes with the Built In Wardrobe London. If you are properly utilizing the wall space, then you will be benefited from some extra space in your closet, and along with this, a lot can be done for the exterior design as well. It will give your wardrobe a vibrant look and will assist you in coming with some storage options as per your need.

·         Lights should not be ignored in the closet. It might raise your eyebrows, but it is a design mistake too. Mostly the interior of the closet is shady, which creates a negative impact on the stuff stored in it. Also, it would be hard to analyze whether your clothes are clean or not. Even there are cases where the insects do not come out in the visible area. It is the main reason it is suggested to check-out good lighting options for your closet. For this, you can reach out to a designer who will aid you in blending the lights as per the closet design and needs.

Sometimes thinking much on the topic of the Built In Wardrobe London might give you unpleasant results. Therefore, why don’t you get in touch with experts in Unum designs. We hold a team of experts who will proffer you with best designs and long-lasting quality of closest connect with us at

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

What Are The Useful Suggestions For Fitted Wardrobes ?

Want to experiment with the closet but don't know how to take the rightful steps, then here are some promising suggestions to help you out. Get along with the information shared in the post, and it will be easy for you to design classic and affordable Fitted Wardrobes In London.

·         Sliding doors never go off-board, so if you want to bring some new flavour in your room, then it will be the right choice. It will give you an ease of use plus; the overall look will be of a great deal too. There is nothing to worry about, as the doors will be creating raw quality inputs. Therefore, nothing concerning the adverse effects concerning the sliding doors functionality will be a cause of concern. Also, it is the best option for fitted closets. 

·         Using the waste space or the place which is of less use for the Fitted Wardrobes In London is the right choice. It means, now you will be having enough space for the closet and you can do experiments as required. Also, coming with new designs will get easy for you too. Before coming over on any decision, it is better to administer the areas that you can be used for making the closet. 

·         Don't get stuck with the limitations, as it will constraint the ideas of the closet. Therefore, you need to put effort into making a full-length closet. Doing this, you will be introduced with nicer looks, quality, with no space boundaries. For this, you can give a try to full-length options. The full-length wardrobes are a better deal for rooms with less space or small rooms. 

·         Welcome new-end technologies in the closet and it will not be a big deal for you at all if you are reaching out to the experts. Try bringing the latest functionalities in the closet, so it will help you in overcoming the features that were lacking in the earlier closets. Plus, you can try on the reach-ability designs; with this, the entire structure will be within your reach, and you can get ready with no hush-bush. 

The hunt of Fitted Wardrobes In London will not be a great deal for you, and this will be made further possible with none other than Unum Designs. If you want some cool and refreshing designs, then we are here to help you. For more updates, connect with us at

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Revealing Everything About Bespoke Wardrobe

Have you ever heard of bespoke closets or are you planning to get one done for you? Even today, a few people are aware of this new-fangled methodology using which one can design the closet easily and within an affordable range. So, if you are among the ones who have less or no idea on this point then, here we are to help you. Bespoke Wardrobes London is the latest evolution of the closets that you have been using till date. In simple words, now you can enjoy more benefits in the closets without investing heaps of money. 

  • The closet that is present in front of you might not be able to meet up your needs, and this must be the reason you are now planning to revive. Well, this is the right thought until you plan to go in the right direction. Bespoke means customized, or in much simpler words, you can now get your closet designed the way you have thought about. 

  • Jot down your idea on a piece of paper and forward it to the expert designer. It is what you need to do as the rest will be taken care of by the chosen ones. Don't know how to find the expert wardrobe designer? Don't worry; there are many companies working on this field that will help you with reliable outcomes. Prior taking any steps, make sure to look for reviews and feedback; this will help you in making the decision much clear. 
  • When you are moving ahead with the decision to finalize the Bespoke Wardrobes London, set some time for size and configuration analysis. For this, the experts will come forward and will help you with the desired pros and cons. It will assist you in refining the ideas and coming up with the best outcome that you have thought before and even better than that. 

  • Don't stress yourself about the price as if you are working with the right company; it will not be a concern either. Also, discounts, deals, offers, and sales are always there to minimize your bills. 

Stop thinking much and roll over the Bespoke Wardrobes London with a view to adding character in your life and interiors. Unum Design will serve all your needs and will make the process easy too. Plan a meeting with our experts and let them help you in making the right decision. For this, you can reach us out at